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Yoga Class

Yoga Teacher:


Jessica Searcy is a 700 hr registered yoga teacher, specialized in the yoga styles of hatha, restorative, yin and entrainment out of Prana Yoga College, Vancouver, BC, and Kundalini Yoga out of her current location of Montreal, QC. She is also certified in healing sounds, pranayama, basic swedish massage and took a BellyFit Teacher Training course in Edmonton, AB. Quite the Canadian Girl: Calgary-Born and Manitoba to Alberta raised, this cowgirl likes to invoke the rodeo in all with her bright, playful and cheery demeanor and constant smile on her face. Her mantra to life is her brand: Let Go & Grow.. and she loves to share it with you, whether in a class, a conversation, a woohoo to celebrate life in its finer moments or a giggle next to you at metro. She is always daring to step outside of her comfort zones in a life so full of CHOICES she has become a free and confident woman encouraging others to be their best by offering her best, laughing at her many mistakes along the way. She is also very active on her social media accounts & is definitely not shy to share her experiences or to listen to yours. Innocent and child like, she is known to awaken the inner child in everyone she meets. She lives, but does not go by, 2 near and dear spiritual names that were given to her as part of the journey that yoga brought her on in September of 2012. Kamala, given to her by Authentic Spiritual Teacher Shakti Mhi, of which means Red Lotus: Pure of Heart and Intention. Her second given name is her recent Kundalini Spiritual Name, attained August 2014, of Mahan Bhagti Kaur. All goddesses receive the name Kaur which means goddess/lioness, and Mahan means “Great” and Bhagti means “Devoted to the Divine Spirit Within.”

Yoga Class Description:

Let Go And Grow: Free Style Flow.

Freestyle Flow is Jessica Searcy’s signature style of yoga. It came from her and represents her and to what life is to her: a freestyle flow in which we learn to let go, go, go and grow. It is through her 700hrs of teacher training, naturally playful, curious and imaginative spirit that she wanted to encompass yoga as it is: union. Yoga means Union. It means the Uniting of All Polarities. It is through this truth and with her experiences that she ebbs and flows her background of hatha, with Vinyasa Flow, yin, restorative & entrainment with bits of Kundalini and BellyFit trainings to encompass life as flow and yoga as a whole and freestyling flow as a sample package of your life. Her only commitment is that you will feel the best you’ve ever felt walking away from her class, knowing that it was nothing like you expected it to be but everything that you needed it to be. It is only a playlist that is pre-determined, but even so, it is lovingly and last minute chosen, according to the intuitive assesment of what the classes needs or requests… It always has meditation, in motion, and stillness, with restoring poses, strength work and lots of flowing. Bring a mat, wear your stretchy pants.. or your not stretchy pants and do the best you can!