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Prepare for adventure in history! Logic artist, expedition creator: Conquistador, is a pleasure to take expeditions: for great adventure As a newly appointed leader as a simple Viking Clan, you will have your own village. But in order to build your name in historical history,you definitely need great strength and great wealth to foster the well-being and glory of your village. There is not much left to come from the Scandinavian countries and therefore you have to place your landmarks in the ocean in the west, where the story tells you of a fantastican island filled with wealth ready for your destiny. Confident people will follow you to Valhalla, if it is the order of the day, but you need more than loyalty to leave a legacy that will be remembered for a thousand years. Now, collect valuable heroes of heroes, build a boatand you are looking for your wealth and glory for the border. UK waiting for Logic Arctic expeditions: Features: Create your own Viking head! Cut your character with our unique character system in which statistics, skills and skills decide on your character or commerce?The famous Viking is not only a violent hero, but a wise businessman. How do you look for carrot or strawberry wealth? War and Politics: A party with different tribes is their controller, Pict or Angle. Reputation: Be careful of your choice, stories about your actions can make othersto fear you, but will they trust you? Go to the history page: In the history of the wonderful and profound history of Nordic history

Expeditions Viking Iron Man

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