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Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a western-coined name for “solo, improvised dances based on torso articulation” originating from the Middle East. Other names for belly dance include: Oriental dance, Egyptian dance, Arabic dance or Middle Eastern dance. A Beauty of Belly dance As a result of Belly dance lessons woman acquire harmony, ease of movement and grace. It helps a woman “to remember her femininity and charm,” so she becomes more confident and attractive to men.

The program includes: – belly dance from beginners to professional level – the basis of stage-movements – promoting flexibility, attention, motor coordination – exercises on the correct posture. Style Raks Sharki & Baladi.

Aliona Bessonova - Montreal Belly Dance

Belly Dance Classes

Price: $150 for 8 weeks plus a final show.

Belly Dance – Beginner

First time in belly dance? Than this is the class for you! This class will help you to better understand the basic movements of all belly dance styles. We will be using the techniques through isolation and muscular training. In this class we will break down every movement into small steps, so that at the end you know the most correct form of the movements, which parts of the body they are coming from and how they should work. All these add up to a great workout for the entire body. At the end of the class we will add all the moves together into a small dance routine, that you will be able to dance belly dance anywhere on your own. However the most important is to learn the proper posture, expression of your own feelings, individuality and being introduced to the magical world of belly dance!

No prior dance experience is needed for this class.

As for the uniform, no long skirts needed, as instructor needs to see your knees and lower back position.

Belly Dance – Advanced

After the minimum session of INTRO classes you became familiar with some basic moves. This class will teach you a wider range of traditional belly dance movements and how to connect them. We are no longer paying attention on breaking down each movement into small segments, but mostly how to use them all together in a sequence or routine, how to separate parts of your body and move them with specific tempo. You will learn the techniques that improve your posture, flexibility, balance, and grace through muscle isolation and control. All of this adds up in a beautiful routine at the end of the class. The other, not less important, goal is for you to be able to add your own emotions, feelings and personality into the dance routine and for sure to enjoy the magical world of belly dance.

As for the uniform, no long skirts needed, as instructor needs to see your knees and lower back position.

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You may pay online through Paypal,; or with credit card, debit, cash or cheque at the studio.

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