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Adobe Reader Lite has been removed, a minimal version of Adobe’s famous PDF reader.

Although Adobe Reader is an original PDF reader, many people will argue that with all the enhancements and new features added in the latest releases, it’s just too slow to be the best. That is, it is a complete tool, nice for looks and confidence. Therefore, the Adobe Reader Lite developer decided to use this version.

If you have AdobeReader, Adobe Reader Lite is second nature. Open the program, enter your PDF document and display it in a few seconds. Where Adobe Reader Lite differsThe original is hard to determine, but it is safe to say that it is the same application, with the exception of all the basic features that are subtracted.

If Adobe Reader Lite is actually supported by Adobe, it seems to be a small gray area. There is also no documentation for AdobeReader Lite or the resources it used to feel a bit risky. It’s also hard to understand why someone would use a modified version of something better program if there are big dedicated alternatives like PDF-XChange Viewer and Foxit Reader.

Adobe Reader Lite is a much brighter version of Adobe Classic Reader, but there is still nothing to get excited about.

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