Montreal Entertainment Company


Our mission is to provide an authentic learning experience for each of our students based on their individual needs and desires. We are committed to empowering our students by giving them the knowledge and skills to achieve all that they dream of through the magic of dance!

Montreal Entertainment is not just about dance, fun and glamor, it’s about becoming who you always wanted to be. Sure, we have great dance classes for fitness, building strength and performing. But we also carry other special services to add fun and flavor into your life! What better place to come have a bachelorette party before going out or making it your entire night! With a choice of dance class, theme party, champagne, gift baskets and more! If you so ever choose, you may also add a full team glamor shoot to your party to have pictures to hold for the rest of your life. These pictures are classic and timeless, giving your special day an unforgettable memory.

We like to think of ourselves as different from other studios and companies, because we hold a unique element, the element of empowerment. Maya Melata (picture to the left), has created this company in order to train students physically but also mentally and emotionally embracing their own empowerment. This is why, we not only train our students to dance and feel beautiful, but we empowerment their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Within our workshops and classes, we filter in training of confidence building, mental resilience training and empowerment. We want our students to succeed in every area of life, starting here in the studio. We want them to end the session feeling as though they can take on the world. Walking with their head held high, with a new found confidence. We train our students to develop a belief in who they truly are. We teach them to mold into their own style and embrace their individuality.

Our Courses Include

Burlesque Dance, Belly Dance and Yoga.


We provide high end entertainment and performers for the following:

  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Opening Events
  • Casinos
  • Festivals
  • Cabaret Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Theaters
  • Dance Clubs
  • Fashion Shows
  • Exclusive Events
  • Art gallery events

Bachelorette Parties

We hold 3 packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold

Each package is unique to the brides needs. It is her night to have fun before her marriage!